Wedding ring

Posted on July 5, 2015

I didn’t have jewelry-making experience but wanted to make something really special for my wife, so gave it a try.

I procured some jeweler’s wax to make it from, and a diamond from a local jeweler, then shaped it just with a coarse file then a fine file. (My wife had already told me what kind of ring she wanted — a low-profile design with no ugly claw so it wouldn’t catch on things — so I came up with this idea for a flush, clawless ring. It looks like a tension-setting ring but is actually just bezel-set).


I didn’t have the tools necessary to cast it in metal so after I’d shaped it in wax I had a jeweler cast it using a lost-wax technique into Au-Pd alloy, a.k.a. white gold.


Some more filing, polishing, and setting the stone and it was done.


She said yes!