Smartphone Laser Tag

Posted on July 5, 2015

Smartphone Laser Tag

While a grad student, I built a laser tag gun that interfaces with your smartphone.

The smartphone mounts on the rear of the gun and provides map, hitcount, change weapons, dynamic gameplay/storyboard, integration with social media, etc.

I designed and built all the hardware for the first two prototypes and some of the software. Building these prototypes included:

  • Embedded system design (power, infrared tx/rx, microcontroller, first USB and later bluetooth connection to the phone).
  • Microcontroller (first Arduino and later MSP430) programming and interfacing with an Android phone.
  • Circuit design, component selection/sourcing, and small-run manufacture (with the help of a friend at teho labs, who also kindly laid out the PCB for us — previous prototypes used perfboard).
  • Integration of PCBs, batteries, LEDs, and infrared sensors.
  • Assembly, programming, and testing.

Some colleagues and I incorporated a startup and started to spin up. I left the company for an internship at Intel and some while later the startup dissolved. But we learned a lot in the process!