Kinematic 3D-printed logo

Posted on July 5, 2015


I was asked to take the Singularity University* logo:

SU logo

…and showcase their new (at the time) 3D printer by printing a creative version of it. I wanted something dynamic with moving parts, so came up with this:

SU logo new 0SU logo new 1


The whole thing is printed as one part with no assembly required. Inside I put a set of planetary gears that are captive but free to move. As you turn the outer (black) gear, the inner colored gears circulate around the center and can be seen through the “S” on the top. We printed a few copies and it worked well.

* Singularity University (SU) hosts a series of events for students and professionals, held at NASA Ames in Mountain View, CA. I attended the Graduate Studies Program there for 10 weeks in 2010 on a full scholarship. As students at SU, we learn about a variety of “Exponential Technologies” (scalable new technologies that have the impact for exponentially-increasing influence on the world) in a variety of fields such as AI, robotics, biotechnology, energy & environmental systems, medicine, nanotechnology, and so forth. Using these Exponential Technologies, we collaboratively address Earth’s “Grand Challenges” together and with experts in each field.