David is one of the most brilliant people I have ever worked with. We knew each other all through undergrad and through graduate school. The only thing more extraordinary than David’s genius is his work ethic. If I ever start a company, I’m calling him to beg him to be the CTO. He has a very rare blend of technical excellence, business acumen and social smarts. I would highly recommend him for any job where he has a high degree of autonomy and extremely difficult problems to solve.

— Bryan Hicks
(Worked together at Cornell)


Thermo-optical simulation

The phase efficiency of resistive heaters near an optical waveguide



written from scratch in Matlab

David is an extraordinary engineer, scientist, and professional tinkerer. He possesses the unique qualities of being detail oriented, strategic, and personable. His skills span a wide range of MEMS to optics and he is capable of deconstruction complex systems or proofing out self created ideas of his own through modeling and experiment. It would be a pleasure to work alongside David again if awarded the opportunity.

— Chris Cardenas
Mechanical Engineer
(Worked in the same group at Intel.)