David is one of the most creative individuals I have worked with. As an undergraduate student, David produced significant creative insights and then drove those forward into a new microscale additive fabrication process. This was the start one of the most productive areas of research that my research team has have been involved with at BYU and it is still going strong.

— Robert Davis
Professor of Physics, BYU
(My undergraduate research advisor)


Useful layout tools

A toolbox I coded to speed up layout jobs.


Complex layout tasks

A quick overview of some 2D layouts I’ve done.


Reconfigurable waveguide layout

A tool for dynamically generated waveguide layout

David has an acute attention to detail, proactively takes responsibility, and is goal oriented. Additionally, David knows how to – and is not afraid of – work. He recognizes the universal law of scientific return where, in order to achieve anything, time and energy must be expended. David further has a green thumb for inventing – he is constantly seeking to improve base elements of his job, making them more effective and efficient. Given his propensity to work, his use of a keen intellect, and his desire to constantly improve, I heartily endorse David.

— Britten Sessions
(Worked together on a startup.)



A few things I’ve drawn