CNC router

A CNC router I built, a version of Openbuilds OX


LabVIEW/Matlab equipment control

A couple of examples of code to control lab equipment

I was very impressed with David during the time we had to work together. David was not only one of the inventors of the base technology of his research, he took the idea from conception and completed significant enough analysis to warrant publication. He was very proactive and independent in designing his experiments and overcoming challenges.

My experience is that it is rare to find an undergrad that is capable of navigating several complex processes and efficiently getting things done. I would jump at the chance to work with David again!

— Nick Morrill
(Worked together in the same research group on the same project at BYU)


Vacuum chamber

Machined from scratch



A homebuilt 3D printer

Smartphone Laser Tag

Smartphone laser tag

I invented the hardware and some of the software for a laser tag gun that interfaces with your smartphone. Click here to read more.


Wedding ring

I made my wife’s wedding ring from scratch

David is an innovative problem solver with a can-do attitude. He brings a creative and yet methodical approach to bear on the task at hand, learns what he needs to know in order to tackle it, and then works through it with both rapidity and thoroughness. He combines simulation and software skill with critical thinking, and is equally comfortable either writing code or building lab setups. He is a solidly excellent all-round asset to any R&D team.

— Jonathan Doylend
Research Scientist
(Worked together on the same project at Intel)


Experimental test setups

Some test setups from graduate school


Scalable information display

An exploration into a writable, erasable, scalable information display.


“Daddy’s Helper” tower

Something to raise my little gal up to kitchen-counter-height



A simple planter-box on wheels for outside our apartment

More coming soon…

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